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K Warren.
I love this place! I am always finding weird things to do with my nails in magazines and they are always so patient to do the new styles for me, even if it takes them a little longer than normal. Also I have seen almost everyone here and they all do a great job, see you guys in a few weeks!
Dyanne L.
Fairfax, VA
I've gotten my nails done here for nearly a decade! It is small but very well-kept. Prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly. I'd definitely recommend if you want to be in and out and still get a good mani/pedi.
Jenna F.
Fairfax, VA
Professional, clean environment. Prices are extremely reasonable for the high quality services performed.
Luciana F.
Annandale, VA
What a wonderful place! It is comfortable and relaxing. Good prices and services go above and beyond all other nail salons I have been to in this area. I decided to try gel mani for Christmas. I just paid $29 for gel mani, and my gel manicure was perfect. I'm satisfied with this place. Definitely going back!
Soojin L.
Chantilly, VA
I went in last weekend to get gel nails and a pedi and the service was great! There wasn't many people there, but I think that's a good thing because there isn't a long wait. The workers are so friendly and there is a nice atmosphere. It's very close by to my work and has very reasonable prices. While the lady was doing my nails, we had a nice conversation and she complimented my hair and outfit. it was a very pleasurable experience and I'll definietly come back. It's my 7th time coming, and with each visit I'm never dissapointed!!!
Vivian T.
Chantilly, VA
This is the best salon that I have been to. The price is cheap and my nails last for a long time compared the last salon I went to. The place looks nice and the staff is very friendly. I regret not finding this place before. I am truly thankful to yelp and the people who commented on here.
Sabrina H.
Fairfax, VA
I have been to this place for everything! amazing service if you go to the right person! annie is amazing at fills she does mine and my grandmas. i will also go to her sister tammy if she is busy but both i can full trust. only have had problems with the oldest worker there and that's with pedicure it wasn't relaxing and i ended up bleeding. i did twitch cuz it tickled. they always take sterile implements out of packages and every thing is veryy clean.
Elizabeth C.
San Diego, CA
I really loved this place. I went a few months ago for a pedicure. I was quite impressed. The massage and wax treatment were great-and I didn't even do the more expensive upgraded pedicure ($40). I think I paid about 23 or so for the basic that came with all of the things I discussed.

Next time I might just upgrade and do the $40 pedicure because it adds a longer massage-one of my favorite parts.

I will definitely be going back here soon enough.
Jackie N.
Washington, DC
ThisThis is the nail salon I go to during my lunch break. Shh! Don't tell the boss!

It's located in the Jermantown Shopping Center and you have to walk into the walkway to reach it. The salon is really small and it gets packed quick. I only go here during off hours so I don't have to wait. However, you can't beat the price and quality. A regular pedicure is $23. I believe a regular manicure is $15, but am not 100% sure. For the regular pedicure they give you a paraffin treatment which is really nice. They also offer a spa pedicure for $40 which includes a long massage, salt scrub, and a whole hour of treatment.

The nail techs are very casual and their English is not the best, as other reviewers have described. But it doesn't bother me because I'm Vietnamese too! All the ladies are extremely friendly and do great work.

I am giving it 4 stars because I wouldn't recommend it as a place for a wax or massage. I will definitely come back often for a great pedicure!
Lisa N.
Fairfax, VA
This is the best nail salon that I've been to for the quality and price of the service hands down. For $34, you can get both a manicure and pedicure (with paraffin wax). French nails cost an extra $5 and french toes cost an extra $3. The employees take their time to make sure that everything is done right. My only complaints are that it's a little difficult to find (tucked in the back corner of the shopping center), only about half the employees can speak English well, and sometimes you have to wait a while (even with a reservation) especially during the hours of 4-7PM which is when people get out of work/school. I suggest coming at odd hours if you do not wish to wait and the employee named "Trinh" is the best one I've had (she can speak English well and is very meticulous with her work).
Burtonsville, MD
Still my favorite place! Everyone is great! I may not move away from Fairfax b/c of these ladies!
Kelly M.
Fairfax, VA
I continue to have fantastic service from Tammy whether I am a walk in or with an appointment. They remember how I like my nails shaped and they are pretty efficient. Great overall experience!
Christine R.
Fairfax, VA
Thanks Yelp!

I always do my own nails but had decided to get shellac'd for my girlfriends wedding. It's tucked away in a shopping center right near my house. Prices are reasonable and the service was great. My tech was very precise and detailed on every nail on ALL coats! I arrived around 10am and it was empty. No waiting or anything. Even by 11am there were only two other people that came by. Much better than a really busy salon. I will probably go back when I want to indulge again.

**You can tip on your cc, but they prefer cash.
Vickie Y.
Fairfax, VA
I love their technicians especially Tami. Good service for the price. Perfect for me!
Annie L.
Washington, DC
3.5 stars. I don't frequent nail salons often since I can do my own nails at home for free, but I felt like treating myself today after work. I went in for a pedi and while all technicians were busy, they welcomed me in and set me up in a chair. One of the previous reviews were right, the massage chairs are awesome once you actually get it started (it's already on, but hit the power button again and you're good to go). The tech left me alone and didn't make conversation until she got ballzy enough to ask if I too was Vietnamese. We had chit chatted a bit, but no big. I got the regular pedicure and it comes with parafin wax. Usually you have to pay extra for that, so I was a happy camper. They do use sterile tools that come in new packages and there isn't that overwhelming acrylic nail smell when you walk in and the place is also fairly clean. It's tucked away in the shopping center, but if you're coming from Jermantown Rd, it's visible. Overall not the best pedi I've had, but the parafin wax puts it up ther
Kami F.
Alexandria, VA
Prices are great and work was good. Does not smell of chemicals and they cleaned up the equipment and tools after use, which is a plus.

The place is on the smaller side with 4 pedicure stations and 4 manicure stations. You will need to bring cash for tip though.
Erika S.
Fairfax, VA
Absolutely love this place. It's a hidden jem! Never had a technician that I didn't like!

Great service and not usually too crowded with great prices.

Perfect for a lunch time mani-pedi!
A G.
Fairfax, VA
Took my daughter and two of her friends (all age 13) here for manicures and pedicures on a Thursday evening. The place is clean, the prices are reasonable, and they did a careful and professional job. I had a french manicure and my manicurist was a perfectionist-- it came out great. The ladies ended up stayed late (past closing time) to make sure our nails were thoroughly dry before we left. They were pleasant and friendly. This is an ideal place for basic nail services, but it is not a fancy spa atmosphere (and doesn't try to be).
Kimberly T.
Herndon, VA
Probably one of the better experiences I've had around Fairfax. The prices are fair, and you can get out of there with a mani/pedi and tip for less than $40.

The place itself is clean and comfy but a small, so it gets crowded and uncomfortable when it's busy.

The best times to go, at least on the weekend, is early, just after they've opened.
Alexandra M.
Fairfax, VA
hate to review this because it really is a hidden gem... i really shouldnt be sharing this secret with you.

super clean. super friendly. they dont play soap operas, they play video recorded concerts instead. they dont ask you if you want an eyebrow wax. but their pedis last forever.
Nicola A.
Round Hill, VA
This is a review for my MIL.

Had the spa pedi = $40 for about an hour. Includes the basic pedi plus hot towel and paraffin.

Clean location, friendly "non-pushy" staff.

On leaving she got a flyer with coupons for subsequent visits, I noticed it said under new management. I hope to give it a try myself in a few weeks.
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